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mortierbrigade is a creative agency based in Brussels.

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Baudouin, the king of betting

The holiday campaign

When mortierbrigade pitched their case to stop people from drinking and driving during the holidays, our eyes started to sparkle immediately. Their idea: someone who urges you not to drive under the influence by sending you messages on WhatsApp.

Enter Baudouin, the king of betting. In a 90-second online spot, Baudouin proclaims his love for end-of-year festivities. Bad weather conditions combined with countless drinking parties increase the risk of traffic accidents. Because of these accidents, he gets more money in his pockets. Why? Because he bets on traffic accidents.

The Baudouin WhatsApp bot

In addition to the YouTube spots, posters, social media campaigns, and so on (find out everything mortierbrigade did here), our job was to make Baudouin come to life. And how to do that better than to make him text people via WhatsApp? During December, he sent tips, videos, gifs, and messages to people who subscribed to remind them not to drive under the influence. Curious? Here’s a part of the conversation:

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