Our vision on the next level of virtual assistance.

Virtual assistants are more than just a gimmick. They can deliver true value through cost-saving, time efficiency, and better customer experience. Discover our vision.

More than just a gimmick

A true intelligent virtual assistant can offer so much more than just being a striking eye-catcher on your website. It can offer true value on multiple levels:
Cost-saving: a virtual assistant can unburden human employees through smart automation of simple conversational flows
Customer experience: offer your clients a frictionless experience by answering all their questions 24/7, even when all of them are asking the same question at the same time.
More sales: reach your target audience through multiple channels. Whether they like to ask questions via Whatsapp, Messenger, or your website - you'll be able to answer them.
It all boils down to treating a virtual assistant as part of your team, interconnected with every department in your organization.
Doing so enables your assistant to respond on a whole new level. When you incorporate our five levels of assistance framework in your conversational flow, you will see results as never seen before. Discover them below.

Want to get started?

No level of assistance is too complicated for Oswald. Start building your own intelligent virtual assistant today.

+100 virtual assistants built with Oswald
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