The next level of virtual assistance.

Prioritize your automation efforts where it brings the most value. At Oswald, we believe virtual assistants can simplify life. For everyone - customers and employees.


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Generative chatbots

By combining the traditional control Oswald chatbots offer with the creativity of large language models, you get a new generation of chatbots that can actually be used on your website while you have peace of mind.

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The perks of having Oswald on your team:

Low-code platform
LLM-powered conversations
Powerful multilingual language model
Many integration possibilities
Implementation of five levels of assistance
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oswald platform

Oswald's ultra-powerful features.


By connecting with multiple customer and employee-facing endpoints, we ensure Oswald is all around. Think of social media channels, customer service suits, and even payment integrations. Reach your customers wherever they might need you, whenever they might need you.


Multilingual conversations

In Oswald, you can easily create multilingual chatbots in a few clicks thanks to our powerful multilingual language model.


Low code...

... but more with code. We believe our platform should be accessible for anyone on your team. Identified a new topic? Your customer service agent can easily add it to your chatbot in our visual scenario builder. Want more? As a developer, you can take it to the next level with code responses in our editor.


Build your own next-level virtual assistant.

Service your clients more efficiently and quickly. Start building your own chatbot in the Oswald platform today.

+100 virtual assistants built with Oswald
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