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Build chatbots that improve customer service with 80%

Really? 80%? That's right! Our proven methodology and our powerful chatbot platform ensure a measurable ROI for all your chatbots. We improve your customer support, extend your sales channels and enhance your lead generators.

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We help you build your perfect digital assistant

Oswald can build your chatbot or become a partner and build chatbots for your clients.

We created an efficient approach for building chatbots that leads to a higher ROI for your conversational applications.

Whether you're thinking about a chatbot in customer support, sales or lead generation, our general approach ensures the best results possible for any company in any industry.
Your team members can get full admin control over the Oswald chatbot so they can maintain, update and improve the chatbot using the easy-to-use platform.

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As a partner you can use all the tools in the platform to create powerful chatbots for your customers and enjoy exclusive prices, trainings, marketing kits and other advantages.
Our interface and powerful features make training, building, integrating and maintaining chatbots as easy as possible.

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The perks of having Oswald on your team

Easy to understand

We like to make it easy for you to work with the platform. You can test scenario's and know what's going on in your bot at all times.

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Visual builder

Building scenarios is a piece of cake using our visual builder interface. No technical background? No problem! You won't need code to build your conversations.

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Integration possibilities

Want to reach your customers on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp? Do you want to reach them in their cars, through robots and voice assistants? Anything is possible.

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Analyze and maintain

You can continuously improve the chatbot, add content to solve unanswered questions, gain insight into some of your key performance indicators using the Oswald statistics page and more!

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It worked for them

Oswald is used today by many customers, and by their customers. Take a look at our cases, built with Oswald.

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We will schedule a remote call with you and give an extensive demonstration of Oswald
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