Powering your conversational apps.

Meet Oswald, an all-in-one platform for creating conversational apps available in the cloud or on your premises.
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Why do you need a conversational app?

Meet the new generation of apps

Our most fundamental way of communicating with each other is natural language. We all chat with and speak to each other on a daily basis. Conversational apps are a way of replicating those communication channels between humans and computers. A conversational app can automate customer support, sell your products, be your personal assistant. It can live inside your smartphone, on your computer, in your car, in your speaker and can be accessed via your voice or via text.

Are you ready for this new generation of apps?

Cost saving

Reduce costs by helping customer agents, salesmen, marketeers… with their daily actions, so they can be more efficient.

Lead generation

Sell your products to customers with automated, personalised chat conversations. They ask, you sell!

Insight gathering

Get to know your customers through the power of natural language processing and artificial intelligence.


Automate your onboarding process, customer support, product selling… and send messages at the right time.


Communicate with your users in a personal and fun way. Every conversation can be personalised to the customer.


Engage with your customers with personal messages, automated notifications and intelligent recommendations.

Discover Oswald

Oswald is a powerful chatbot framework for training, building and creating intelligent chatbots. From helpful customer support chatbots to useful personal assistants… Oswald provides you with the right services and tools all in one place to integrate automated chat technology in your business while keeping it intelligent and personal