generative chatbots.

Customize, control, connect. Integrate the power of large language models into your Oswald chatbot to offer unparalleled intelligent interaction for your users.

How it works

By combining the traditional control Oswald chatbots offer with the creativity of large language models, you get a new generation of chatbots that can actually be used on your website while you have peace of mind.

got a question?

Things you probably wonder

Do I still need to set up a chatbot in the traditional way?
Is my bot going to hallucinate?
Can I integrate with any LLM?
What about the pricing?
Should I have any security, privacy, or intellectual property protection concerns?
What are knowledge bases and how can I add them?

Want to get started?

Request a demo today. Start building your own GPT-integrated chatbot tomorrow.

+100 virtual assistants built with Oswald
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