A powerful platform.

Build your next-level virtual assistant today and get ready for the future.
Train your chatbot to recognize what the user says

Oswald provides you with all the tools you need to train your chatbots' language engine. In the background, Oswald's powerful multilingual language models are put to work. It's up to you!


  • Intelligent intent recognition
  • Advanced entity extraction
  • Test and improve
  • Train in one language, understand many
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Build personal conversations

Using the Oswald scenario builder, you can build advanced conversations in a visual user interface.


  • Scenario builder
  • Different output types
  • Context management
  • Code editor
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Deeply integrated with other systems

You can integrate your chatbot with messaging platforms, voice assistants, text messages, regular voice calls, robots, cars... You can integrate with just about anything.


  • Oswald widget
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp or Twilio for text messages and voice calls
  • Google Assistant
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Analyze and maintain your chatbot

When your chatbot is live for your users, use Oswald built-in tools to test and analyse your chatbot. You can use these test results and analytics to extend and improve your chatbot.


  • Bot brain exploration
  • Regression testing
  • Analytics
  • Retrain unanswered questions
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Even more powerful features

Human takeover

Forward the conversation to a human agent, if the chatbot is unable to help.

Multilingual chatbots

Create one chatbot in multiple languages, like English, Dutch, French, German...

Collaboration tools

Collaborate with your colleagues and assign the right role to every collaborator.


Export your intents and entities for easy translation outside the platform.


Export your intents and entities for easy translation outside the platform.

System entities

Let the system automatically detect emails, numbers, currencies...


Integrate with WhatsApp, Facebook, Payconiq, Microsoft Teams, ...

Customizable widget

Customize your chat widget to your organization’s brand identity.

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