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Chatbots in the government

Almost every department in the government can benefit in some way from the use of chatbot technology to enhance and enrich their public services. After all, citizens need to communicate with the government for things like taxes, address registrations, passports, marriage, divorce, fines... So the technology benefits citizens as well as the government. The communication is easier, faster and available on many channels. With the use of chatbot technology governments can finally help people to get rid of a traditional way of slow, non-scalable and inefficient communication through phone calls and emails.

Citizens can be adressed in their native language. In a country with three official languages, or even in an ever-globalising world, this solves many communication inefficiencies.

Finally, chatbots can even notify citizens about important events, using notifications in Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, WhatsApp, SMS or a custom mobile app.

Example chatbots

Chatbots for citizens

  • "I'm moving to a different address."
  • "My passport is expired and I would like to request a new one."
  • "Do I need a contract if I'm going to get married?"

Chatbots for associations and companies

  • "I would like to apply for a subsidy for my youth club."
  • "I heard the company law has changed, do I need to do anything?"


  • "How's the traffic today?"
  • "When is the next train to Antwerp?"
  • "Are the busses driving today?"


  • "What can I do here?"
  • "Where is the chocolate museum?"
  • "I'm looking for the nearest market place."

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Notary chatbot

Notary chatbot

A chatbot that knows all about marriage contracts.

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