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Partena Ziekenfonds

“MijnPartena chatbot covers 80% of customer questions”

Since November 1, 2018, Partena Ziekenfonds uses a chatbot as part of their customer service.

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    Partena Ziekenfonds
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    01 November 2018
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As a customer, you can ask your question to the virtual assistant at any time via 'MijnPartena' on their website, where you can expect an answer immediately. The chatbot is available 24/7.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are properly insured when you go on vacation? Where can you find your children's file? And what if you forgot your password? In addition to answering these questions, the chatbot can also engage in a conversation. For example, if a Partena customer asks, "When can I expect my reimbursement?", the chatbot will ask when the customer has submitted the doctor's note and answer when he can expect the reimbursement.

Live session

The bot is trained in such a way that 80% of the existing questions can be answered online. If the bot cannot find the answer, the customer has the option to proceed to a live session with one of the customer service employees. Every session ends with a short survey about the service. This has shown that the direct, fast & accurate approach of the chatbot is greatly appreciated.

Always up to date

Michiel Vandendriessche - Managing Partner of Oswald - explains how it works:

"The advantage of the Oswald chatbot is that the employees of Partena can now get started with the platform. In other words, customer service manages the chatbot itself. This means that they can adapt, expand and follow it up themselves. The chatbot works on the basis of Partena's existing knowledge database. In addition, adjustments can be made on a daily basis and new answers must be formulated, so that the chatbot learns every day and the question-answer ratio remains up-to-date. They do this by linking the question asked by the customer to the correct answer, which keeps the conversation going. That is the daily training of the chatbot. "

Steve De Veirman - Digital Transformation Manager - explains why they chose Cronos Public Services and Oswald:

“We chose this solution very specifically because a link can be made with the existing knowledge database. The contact center FAQ is in fact kept up to date and moderated in this knowledge database. This means that the chatbot was not built 'stand alone' and we did not have to start from scratch in our online strategy. This also ensures that the answers are very good in terms of quality.Oswald is the only solution that allowed this. Cronos Public Services is our home supplier in the field of innovation. For me, they are the eye for new technologies for Partena Ziekenfonds. Both business-strategic and application-technical. "

From physical channels to digital channels

The chatbot is the ultimate example of the transformation from physical to digital channels.

Steve further explains:

“In the past, all communication went through the contact center and through reception staff in our offices. We want to use even more in a digital way of communication. From the start of the chatbot launch, we are already seeing a prominent fall in the number of emails, incoming phone calls and physical visits in our offices. This compared to a rising webcare: live chat and WhatsApp. The bot has had 70,000 calls in six months, with our employees taking over only 2,500 calls. In other words, on average there are 4,000 chat conversations per month that the chatbot takes over from our contact center.”

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“Customer service manages the chatbot itself”

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